Old West images: horse, rider, and gun Educational uses for this film

One summer day in 1884, two Wyoming cowboys came across a stranger who had been injured in a shooting accident. They brought him to their cabin and cared for him for ten days, until he died.

Their act of compassion was counter to the then-widespread belief that cowboys were lazy, selfish, and immoral. Their story illustrates that prejudice can exist in any society, even a homogeneous one, and that overcoming prejudice means seeing the value and truth of individual lives.

While not a documentary, this film is true to the spirit of the tale and the facts as we know them. Its subject matter, and length of approximately 18 minutes, make it perfect for:

  • Western-themed exhibits and museums
  • American history exhibits and museums
  • Historical societies
  • School groups

The film will available early in 2005.

If you are interested in screening the film for your group or organization, or if you would like to consider the film for a permanent exhibit in your museum, please contact Heather Hillstrom.


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