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Pacific West Management

Debra Early

Film Coordinator Debra Early has more than 20 years' experience helping producers film on locations throughout California. Relying on extensive knowledge, expertise, and contacts, she guides filmmakers through every step of the process, from finding locations to securing permits to getting livestock and services on location. Her location management credits include films, television series, commercials and music videos.

Her new web resource, filmwus.com, brings together property owners who wish to promote their properties for filming, and film professionals who are seeking locations.

Gary Robertson,
Greenfield Ranch

This Thousand Oaks ranch was most recently the location for scenes in the film Seabiscuit.

Ron Smith, Jr.
Ron Smith, Sr.

Family-owned and -operated cattle ranch provides horses and horse transportation for movie and television productions.

C3 Advertising
Michelle LaPointe

C3 Advertising provides copy, creative direction, strategic planning and consulting to clients for a wide range of media, from direct mail to interactive websites.

CSUN Department of Cinema and Television Arts

The mission of the Department of Cinema and Television Arts at California State University, Northridge, is to instill in students the knowledge, expertise, and creative skills that will help them to achieve their goals in the fields of radio, television, film, or multimedia, and to promote the critical, analytical, and conceptual thinking that will enrich their academic and professional careers.

Frontier Gunfighters
Steve Westerfield

Frontier Gunfighters is an 1880's Western re-enactment group that participates in competitions, demonstrations, and educational events. Steve Westerfield is also an award-winning landscape designer.

Tracy Smith Design

Logo and title design.

Steve Stanard

Poster and trailer.

Casey Remy Multimedia

DVD interface design.