Old West images: horse, rider, and gun

In a land without mercy, at a time without faith,
he was the answer to their prayers.

Based on a true story

Prejudice exists in many forms, on many levels – even in small communities that appear completely homogeneous. In 1884 Wyoming, the widely held belief that cowboys are stupid and irresponsible prevents hardworking ranch hands JOSEPH and TOM from realizing their dreams.

And then one summer day, they hear a gunshot, discover a grievously wounded young man, and make a decision that changes everything.

Running time: 20min.

To obtain a screenplay: If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or in obtaining a copy of the finished film for screening in your exhibit or organization, and would like a full screenplay, please send your name, organization name (if applicable), and mailing address to Heather Hillstrom or Joe Shanahan.